Dealership Programme 2020   


The impact of coronavirus - According to the survey, COVID-19 is having a ‘deep impact’ on Indian citizens. Over the coming month’s jobs are at risk because firms are looking for some reduction in manpower. Further, it is added that already Covid-19 crisis has an unprecedented collapse in economic activities over the last few weeks. The survey highlights that unless a substantive economic package is introduced we could see a permanent impairment of a large section of the industry, which may lose the opportunity to come back to life again. 


The Bluemount premium company offers any participants of this dealership program 2020, Gets 25% commission on sales and 5% commission on marketing and promotional activities from the profit on sales of the product of Bluemount premium. This is to create an opportunity for whoever in needs over these difficult times. A dealership id and a promotional code will be issued after the registration which is used to track the product sales. The registration is completely free of cost only after the first face screening is completed.  

Terms and conditions

1.  The interview will be conducted through video call after the appointment and the company requires Aadhaar card, PAN card and bank account which is mandatory. 

2. First 7 days will be training "marketing and promotions". 

3. The shipments will be increased gradually based on the performance of the participants. 

4. After the proof of sales is submitted on daily basis payments will be issued on every 15 days cycle. 

5. The cost of transportation from the warehouse to the participants will be taken care of by the company. The same way company expects participants to take care of their transportation cost. No exemptions.  

6. Accuse on any fraudulent activity will be prosecuted. Membership card or dealership ID will be banned permanently.

More information will be added